Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Marketing Power of Digital Coupons [Infographic]

Coupons and discount offers have been popular marketing tools for a long time. Avid shoppers and regular consumers love coupons because they let them save a lot of money on grocery, food, apparel, beauty products and other stuff. This everlasting love to saving is deep in the human nature and it turns coupons into an effective instrument which may be used to shape consumers’ behavior, influence purchase decisions, market researches and for other marketing purposes. The days of traditional coupons are coming to an end. The rapid growth of the Internet and digital technologies has induced the evolution of marketing techniques. Certainly, this process has not omitted the industry of couponing and led to the emergence of a new generation of coupons - digital or online coupons. This new reincarnation of an old marketing tool has even more power! This infographic highlights the key benefits of digital coupons for marketers and brands.

The Marketing Power of Online Coupons

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  1. Thanks for this great visualization! Being a marketer by myself I'm well aware of all benefits of digital coupons. Unfortunately many brands fail to use this wonderful marketing tool efficiently.