Thursday, April 7, 2011

XML API and RSS feed

We have added XML API to the system, so the deals can be easily shown on 3rd party affiliate sites. The API is available at /api/deals.xml location.

Also we finally added RSS feed, so now site subscribers can follow daily deals via their favorite news-feed reader.


  1. Can the XML feed include a referrer code so that 3rd party affiliate sites can earn commissions for sending customers?

  2. The XML API URL accepts "referred_by" parameter, so you may put

    And all the links within generated XML response will pick the referred_by=xxxxx parameter.

  3. Where could I find a link to post RSS feeds to my getsocio website? Because I cannot find any location to post feeds on the admin section.

  4. are there in plan any API's for the back office part?

    1. Admin section has Data export page, where all the data related to your site can be downloaded as CSV file/s